• Conference Schedule

    November 11, 2021 - All times in EST

  • Imagine a future where you don’t have to change your voice to interact with Siri. It’s possible, but we have to start considering how language perpetuates oppression and expand our view on the “right voice” for our technology. In Why Does Siri Sound White? we’ll explore how coded language verbally and programmatically reproduce and reinforce bias that show up in current and emerging voice technologies.

  • While web globalization opens your website to the world, it also opens you up to a number of new challenges, namely how to ensure that visitors, no matter what language they speak, can find their local content. This is why the global gateway is so important. Well executed, the global gateway functions like a multilingual tour guide, helping people find exactly where they need to go. A successful global gateway can increase traffic to local websites by 25% or more.

    Whether you are targeting users who speak different languages within the US or users around the world, this session will show you how to plan and design a successful global gateway.

    Participants will learn:
    1. The four visual and technical elements of a successful global gateway strategy
    2. Reasons why you should avoid using flags
    3. How to best manage Spanish-speaking visitors within the US
    4. How to manage traffic to your .com domain. Did you know that for most global brands, more than half of visitors to the .com domain originate from outside their home country?

  • From mild harm to systemic harm, mismatched experiences are our fault. Here's how we convince people that deeper, slower understanding of people needs to be the foundation of our design efforts.